Compositions: 5 Witty Limericks

1. There was a class called Academy

For gifted students, naturally

But changes were made

and Studio conveyed,

We don’t understand this tragedy.


2. Yesterday, I stayed up all night

Because I wanted to see sunlight

I waited with coffee

Before it dawned on me

I knew something didn’t feel quite right.


3. There once were two brothers named Wrong

in airplane construction they belonged

They looked up to the Wrights

but knew something wasn’t right

when their plane wouldn’t even turn on.


4. If I told you this was a lie,

That means that statement would not apply.

That means I told the truth

That I, in fact, am a sleuth.

And all statements above would be defied.


5. To be an international fan–

All the idols and actors you stan

don’t know you exist,

and yet we still persist

permanent members of their ‘clan’.

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