Compositions: Imitating an Author’s Style (George Gordon + William Carlos Williams)

|| Lord Byron (George Gordon) Style

A Childish Love

Her beauty like the glorious day,

so sweet, subtle yet stunningly bright,

soft like March’s drizzling spring sprays.

Her beauty like the elusive night,

like stars’ twinkling in their special way,

like the moon casting a soft overlight


The air of elegance she controls,

an icon of power she renders.

She who stands confidently alone,

blossoms in her brilliant splendor.

Her features, from the flesh to the bone

perfect; and her nature so tender.


Her humility ever present,

with a heart so passionate and kind.

Joy radiates in her presence,

a blessing amongst mankind.

Admiration for her, apparent

And my love for her so blind.



|| William Carlos Williams Style

An Entry

A new day should be

a blank page

waiting for new words

to be written.


But not today–

my time

was wasted

accomplishing nothing

waiting for



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