Compositions: Imitating an Author’s Style (Shel Silverstein)

1. Childhood Lies

Although Santa Claus may be friendly,

the tooth fairy, little and nice.

You know, these are just fairy tales

Made up so you can sleep at night.


We think there are magical creatures

Who will go far to battle the bad.

It’s not true, just so you know,

fabricated by creative lads.


We all look up to these heroes

Superman, Spiderman and more.

But they don’t even exist out here

Who are we supposed to adore?


Rather than wishing to be a princess,

We would rather be taught about life.

More useful, more relevant and more helpful

To protect us from future strife.


Fairytales, children’s stories, the works

do not hold a single grain of truth.

I urge you to believe in yourself

not the adult’s lies that are used only to soothe.



2. Why Adults Are Sad

Our brains are slowly closing

as we grow older, I’m supposing.

Adults call it ‘maturity’,

but it’s really just obscurity.


Our imaginations, so wild as children

with princesses, heroes and villains

are sewn shut as we age and ‘mature.’

It must be a boring world for sure.


That’s why adults look so dim

and sad, and stressed and grim.

If they only let their minds wander

perhaps they would not be so somber.


Compositions: 5 Witty Limericks

1. There was a class called Academy

For gifted students, naturally

But changes were made

and Studio conveyed,

We don’t understand this tragedy.


2. Yesterday, I stayed up all night

Because I wanted to see sunlight

I waited with coffee

Before it dawned on me

I knew something didn’t feel quite right.


3. There once were two brothers named Wrong

in airplane construction they belonged

They looked up to the Wrights

but knew something wasn’t right

when their plane wouldn’t even turn on.


4. If I told you this was a lie,

That means that statement would not apply.

That means I told the truth

That I, in fact, am a sleuth.

And all statements above would be defied.


5. To be an international fan–

All the idols and actors you stan

don’t know you exist,

and yet we still persist

permanent members of their ‘clan’.